Hello and welcome!   I make websites. More specifically, I offer web development services to clients in York and further afield.

My clients rely on my in-depth knowledge of web technologies and years of design experience to get the job done for them. They also appreciate the reassurance of a fixed cost agreed in advance. (I don't leave the meter running.)

Have a look at some examples of my work and what I can do for you — and feel free to get in touch.

Portfolio examples


Key skills

  • Broad set of skills; flexible, informed approach
  • Solid design and programming experience
  • Maths / computer science Masters degree
  • Understanding of business cases, budgets and deadlines
  • Clear and straightforward communication

Technologies used

  • Python / Django
  • PHP / CodeIgniter
  • Java / Spring
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • DVCS (esp. Mercurial)
  • Linux systems